Sabine Getty
Sabine Getty

Sabine Getty

Sabine Getty is, above all else, a character, a girl inspired by women seen throughout cinema and theatre. Her aim; to bring the magic of the arts, cinema and characters from fiction to reality and to create the world around it through the language of jewellery.

Having made her own cinema and taken a strong interest in theatre and opera, Sabine’s history lays within the creative performance industry. Like most business-savvy women, Sabine is also a well seasoned traveller having spent 4 years in New York, 3 years in Paris, 1 year in Los Angeles and 12 years in Switzerland, home to Basel World. This leaves no surprise that her next career step would be within jewellery.

A dream to adorn the necks and wrists of these figures saw Sabine attend the Gemological Institute of America, giving her the know-how to create these intricate pieces, bringing them to life. A dream soon became reality when Céline Dion wore a piece from her very first range followed by Rihanna, Catherine Deneuve and Nicole Kidman to name a few, all choosing pieces throughout her four collections.

Scenes created flutter between pop culture and the 80s art movement, Memphis Milano, as she sets the tone for her personal universe. For Sabine her pieces aren’t just about the beautiful variations of metal and stones, it is about the world it creates, the environment around the jewels and the woman it produces once worn. Sabine has chosen to build a fun, creative atmosphere with a slight sense of ironic humour that can be noticed in her Mayfair showroom.

The primary palette coloured walls mirror her adolescent memories with a carefree child-like atmosphere. Each coloured room is decorated with items that Sabine came across throughout her childhood including the Tahiti Memphis lamp and the Brazil table ensuring her showroom keeps consistent with her most recent collection, Memphis.

Drawing up Memphis was a natural experience for the budding designer who was brought up around these interesting interiors. It was also an opportunity to create pieces of jewellery that lay centre stage, the plot of a story: a narration. Her creations thus incite cinema's sense of fun and romanticism with a hint of the 80’s: primary colours like a box of assorted crayons that evoke zigzags or waves.

The proof is in the images of her last collection; the imagery closely resembling a film casting, where Beverly Hills creatures are having fun as they pose and play with her work. Their names are Dimitri Dimitrov of Sunset Towers, Aileen Getty, Sabine's aunt, and Langley Fox, the actress. Consistency is key with this shoot location of LA: a place that is glamorous yet fun, a description very well fitting for Memphis.

Sabine Getty's creations question the idea of jewellery as a fantasy that dictates an appropriable story, for which the voice of a strong woman would be the ideal soundtrack.