"The stuff that refines you." -Wallpaper
Vogue Germany
"Questions without answer." -Vogue Germany
Spur Online
"Two muses of the fine jewelry world." -Spur Online
Novembre magazine
"Novembre Issue 11." -Novembre magazine
M Le Monde
"Collet Monté." -M Le Monde
Vogue Italia
"Baby Memphis è la nuova collezione di gioielli firmata Sabine Getty." -Vogue Italia
M Le Monde
"Séduction forte." -M Le Monde
"Getty's jewels are beloved for their bright coloured stones and fantasy-like qualities and have been worn by Rihanna, Nicole Kidman, and Celine Dion, to name a few." -InStyle
Vogue FR
"Baby Memphis: Sabine Getty's pop jewelry to pile on." -Vogue FR
"Baby Memphis is in line with London-based Getty’s vibrant aesthetic, which involves bright colours and asymmetric shapes." -WMD
Vogue UK
"Sabine Getty on how motherhood impacted her Baby Memphis collection." -Vogue UK
Vogue Brazil
"Memphis Group: movimento Italiano volta a inspirar Sabine Getty." -Vogue Brazil
Vogue Me
"This is proof that there's no stopping Sabine Getty." -Vogue Me
"Sabine Getty's Baby Memphis." -Buro247
"Soleil, couleurs, enérgie pour votre style." -Grazia
Harpers Bazaar Spain
"Joyas pop en 'Baby Memphis', la nueva colección de Sabine Getty." -Harpers Bazaar Spain
10 Magazine
"Angels pleasure fluid." -10 Magazine
Air France Madame
"La vie cosmopolite de Sabine Getty est au service d'une joaillerie acidulée et graphique." -Air France Madame
Elle Netherlands
"Your personal style guide: all the trends for the new season." -Elle Netherlands
Harpers Bazaar Netherlands
"Fabulous at every age." -Harpers Bazaar Netherlands
ES Magazine
"Hyper hues, bulbous curves and asymmetrical shapes." -ES Magazine
"Diamonds, sapphires and rubies - but not as you know them." -Grazia
"Sabine opens Mayfair showroom, rethinks business strategy." -WWD
"Pacesetting jeweller Sabine Getty opens the doors of her kaleidoscopic London home." -Vogue
"Middle Eastern Glamour." -212
"Insta Glam." -Instyle
"Gang of Africa: Black Beauty Matters." -l'Officiel
Les Echos
"Série Limitée." -Les Echos
Point De Vue
"L'atout Charme." -Point De Vue
Vanity Fair
"All is Vanities… Nothing is Fair." -Vanity Fair
"Your Favourite Romanian." -WSJ
"Memphis Belle - why jeweller Sabine Getty is not putting away childish things." -Wallpaper
"Je ne sais quoi." -Dazed
"Becky who?" -Elle
Grazia Russia
"Sabine G" -Grazia Russia
Madame Figaro
"ZIGZAG" -Madame Figaro
"See What’s Next." -Spur
"When Sport Meets Fashion" -Vogue
"Could U B the most beautiful girl in the world?" -POP
Self Service
"The Summer Essentials" -Self Service
Vanity Fair
"Leading the choker pack is Sabine Getty, whose new Memphis collection features zig-zags and undulating curves of yellow, pink, green or blue stones." -Vanity Fair
Madame Figaro
"L'Accessoire Indispensable" -Madame Figaro
Paris Match
"Le Charme Précieux" -Paris Match
Vanity Fair
"Homenaje Glam - cañones por banda" -Vanity Fair
Harpers Bazaar
"Jewel of the Nile - Sabine Getty channels her Beirut childhood into a love of extravagant, yet controlled glamour" -Harpers Bazaar
W Magazine
"The summer of lust: Getty Fabulous" -W Magazine
"Special Beauté" -Jalouse
Marie Claire
"International Woman" -Marie Claire
Style Switzerland
"Style Zoom" -Style Switzerland
Town and Country
"Style Spy - Park Avenue Bohemian" -Town and Country
"She's like a rainbow! Saturated hues - worn solo or mixed for maximum impact heat up pared-down shapes" -Elle
VO+ Dubai Special Edition
"I'm an instant star - just add water" -VO+ Dubai Special Edition
"Turn up the heat - what to wear where" -Vogue
"Generation Game Changers" -Grazia
Air France Madame
"Spring Issue" -Air France Madame
Elle Russia
"body" -Elle Russia
Harper's Bazaar
"La vida con estilo - encuentra la inspiración" -Harper's Bazaar
M Le Monde
"Sur la Route De Memphis" -M Le Monde
"Freedom" -Antidote
Harper's Bazaar
"The key pieces of the season and how to wear them" -Harper's Bazaar
Harper's Bazaar Brasil
"A Joia" -Harper's Bazaar Brasil
"Couture à Tout Prix" -l'Officiel
l'Officiel Turkey
"DEĞER SAYIMI" -l'Officiel Turkey
Vogue Brazil
"Brilho Pós-Moderno" -Vogue Brazil
Vogue Ukraine
"Jewellery" -Vogue Ukraine