The ‘Big Collection’ consists of 9 pieces of geometric jewellery. They were inspired by a child’s wooden colourful blocked toy using pink and blue sapphires and tsavorite. Sabine loves the arts and always finds her inspiration within film. This year it is from the film Big, it really resonated with her belief that despite leading an adult life, there is always an inner child who is ready to come out to play- we are all kids playing grown ups. These pieces are designed to bring out that inner child and give the person wearing them the sense of care- free, childlike joy.

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Yellow, pink, green and blue. Four colours inspired by the Memphis Group for a rainbow vision created by Sabine Getty. Similar to child's play, topaz and gold are shaped into naïve zig zags, or dissolve into waves, created by the best Italian artisans.

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Baby Memphis

Introducing Baby Memphis, a dolly mixture of playful pastel tones and candy coloured jewels guaranteed to catch the eye. Can’t decide? Pick and mix your earrings, what goodies will you be taking home?

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The beautiful Art Deco inspired fine jewellery line consists of all white gold, and is set with white diamonds, colourful emeralds and blue, pink and yellow sapphires. Key designs include diamond and sapphire rectangle rings, and lozenge and round shaped coloured pinky rings. Statement ear cuffs appear in blue cabochon and enamel, and lip shapes in pink and blue. Pendants also feature in coloured stones, with matching drop earrings and rings to make a full set. 

Each piece is handmade in Florence by expert Italian artisans using time honoured techniques with centuries-old craftsmanship and quality. The pieces reflect the fine balance between yesterday, today and tomorrow with fine jewellery that is rich in its craftsmanship, weight, design and feel.

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Sabine G will exclusively launch her latest collection ‘Prospero’ during Haute Couture, Paris in January 2015. The name of the collection is inspired by the portrait of Princess of Colonna di Stigliano and her son Prospero, photographed by Slim Aarons inside the magnificent Galleria Colonna, Rome.

This beautiful collection takes a strong inspiration from Rome, with its endless rich history in art and architecture. Rings are once again a big focus for Sabine 18k yellow gold pinky rings, ‘Domi’ are named after Sabine’s mother in law, Domitilla Getty who herself is from Rome and a big inspiration for this collection. The pieces are set with a rich variety of stones including pink sapphires, white diamonds, garnet, tourmaline and tsavorite. The Navona rings are a direct reproduction of the three fountains of the Piazza Navona and sit perfectly alongside the Trinita rings which feature moonstones and green tourmalines.

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This collection, Sabine’s first since graduating from the Gemological Institute of America, is inspired by a mixture of Eastern and Western culture, which reflects the world in which she grew up.

Sabine G uses the centuries-old craftsmanship and quality of Italian artisans to bring to life her creations. There is a strong focus on quality.

‘Relic’ is inspired by the ornamentation on a medieval box dating from the twelfth century, which Sabine came across in her constant search for ancient workmanship.

This debut collection is delicate, elegant and contemporary while also carrying a mystic sensibility.

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